Caron Butler Believes Gilbert Will Return

01.05.09 9 years ago
Gilbert ArenasGil

For a minute, Gil‘s most noteworthy public appearance was when he showed up to the Christmas Day game against Cleveland wearing an ascot, so ridiculous that there’s a picture of him standing next to Craig Sager, and he’s the one getting laughed at. But now, there’s a new development in the never-ending drama of whether he’s going to be back before the All-Star break, soon thereafter, or even at all this season, is spreading throughout the locker room.

“I see him when you guys see him,” said Caron. “I guess he’s been in the batcave, working with, what’s the butler’s name? Alfred? Yeah, Alfred-Koichi, but he looks good from what I’ve seen. I just don’t know a timetable or whatever, just trying to concentrate on basketball.”

Well, it’s not much. But at least Caron gave some humor to his hope that Washington’s $100 million man will return to the squad.

Source: Washington Times

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