Chicago Locks Down Derrick Rose; Ray Allen Calls Out David West

12.21.11 6 years ago 36 Comments
Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose (photo. adidas)

Well Derrick Rose had a nice day. He got paid and became a made man in Chicago if he wasn’t already one. Then in the capper, he methodically picked apart everyone’s Eastern Conference sleeper, Indiana, in Chicago’s 93-85 win. We felt like it was April and we were back in the first round of the playoffs again. Rose (12 points, nine assists) was destroying Darren Collison (1-for-7, six points), Psycho T was doing his bowling ball routine (24 points, 13 rebounds) and the Bulls’ defense was more suffocating than an only child’s mother, holding Indiana to 36 percent from the field. But there was one big difference: Richard Hamilton. Hamilton isn’t the player he once was, and yet on NBA TV last night, Chris Webber called him the most underrated move of the entire offseason. Last night, he had 13 points, six dimes and seemed to fit into the offense perfectly. When you combine that with Carlos Boozer playing like a man (24 points), Chicago was too much to handle … The play of the night might’ve been Joakim Noah‘s block on Hansbrough attempted dunk. If Hansbrough could jump, we might’ve called it one of the best blocks we’ve seen in the last few years … If Dallas’ new lineup doesn’t live up to expectations this year, we might be able to look back at the preseason as the initial sign. Oklahoma City beat the champs 87-83 last night and the game actually wasn’t even close. That makes them 2-0 against Dallas in the preseason, and while Dallas sat a few of their guys in both games, some moles are already surfacing. Russell Westbrook and James Harden were putting down Sportscenter-worthy reverses, but it was OKC’s work on the glass that ended it. They won the boards by 12 and with a slim fast Kendrick Perkins (nine points, eight boards) back doing his thing, the Mavs couldn’t do anything in the paint. Tyson Chandler anyone? … Remember Jerome Randle? We’ve been high on him ever since he was murdering cats at Cal, and he’s looking like he could be Dallas’ answer to J.J. Barea this year (17 last night) … We’re not even into games that actually count yet and Kenneth Faried (14 points) is already hanging all over the rim in Denver. The Nuggets beat down Phoenix by 17 behind 21 from Ty Lawson, but it was Faried providing the highlights with one dunk where he took of from the Rockies and another that he tipped in … What are the chances of a Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding situation going down in Washington this season? We thought Nick Young liked to chuck, but damn Jordan Crawford is probably even worse. With both guys pretty much playing for money and to cement their place in the league at the same position, they might outshoot the entire division. Young put up 10 shots in 16 minutes (made three of them for eight points) while Crawford was 6-for-21 for 18 points. One of those guys is going to get their right arm mysteriously smashed by a door sometime this season. Washington didn’t get blown out this time, but Philly still beat them. Everyone’s talking about John Wall (17 points) breaking out to become a star this year. But what about Jrue Holiday (24 points, six assists)? He’s going to be a stud real soon … JaVale McGee (20 points, nine rebounds) jumps. Too. High … Marcus Thornton (21 points) and Sacramento edged David Lee (30 points, 13 rebounds) and Golden State 95-91, probably because Golden State continuously went to Klay Thompson (2-for-15) … And Cleveland self-destructed in the final moments of their 90-89 home loss against Detroit. First, they threw away an inbounds pass. Then, they smacked the Hell out of Austin Daye (19 points), who hit both free throws to put the Pistons up in the final seconds. Finally, Luke Harangody got a WIDE OPEN short jumper and was way off. That’s what happens when you give it to a guy who’s played one minute all game for the final shot … Keep reading to read about why Ray Allen called out David West …

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