DimeTV – Tyson Chandler Takes New York City

A few weeks ago, while the NBA Lockout was still on, I spent some time with Tyson Chandler during his visit to New York City.

Now, I could try to make you believe I closed him for the Knicks, but that just wouldn’t the truth. New York City did that for itself. As it turns out Tyson has quite an artistic side, specifically when it comes to fashion, photography and painting – and NYC is overflowing with opportunities for Tyson to explore those passions.

Thanks to Dime and Excel Sports Management, I had the opportunity to spend a November Tuesday bouncing around the city with him while he hit up various places to feed his creative hunger. We started at the Hasted Kraeutler Gallery in Chelsea, then made our way to a book store called Printed Matter on 10th Avenue where Tyson found a fan ‘zine dedicated to him and his career.

From there we hit Park Avenue for a fashion meeting at Joseph Abboud‘s office (turns out he is a Celtics fan) and then down to West Street to the Novogratz Home (Hosts of “Home by Novogratz” on HGTV) to tour the space and meet with celebrity photographer Tim Greany.

Check out the video the video of Tyson’s Manhattan travels below:

How do you think Tyson Chandler will do in New York?

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