Dwyane Wade Forecasted His NBA Legacy As A High School Senior

Take a quick minute and go find your high school yearbook from senior year. Come back, obviously, because otherwise you won’t find out the purpose of this exercise. If you don’t have your yearbook nearby – if you threw it away or if it’s at your parents’ house, whatever – that’s fine, just try and remember your answer to this question, the one that was inevitably asked in every yearbook ever: Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Most answers will, sadly, be off base. This could be because your life took a drastic turn shortly after high school, or it could be due to the simple fact that absolutely no 18-year-old knows who or what they’re going to be in 20 years. Well, except for Dwyane Wade, who pretty much nailed the answer.


True, Wade spelled “retiring” wrong the second time, but the yearbook also spelled his name wrong, so it’s a fair trade off.

Wade is 33, so he’s got five more years to make good on his prediction. But no matter when Wade retires – and given his various health issues the past few seasons, it would be surprising to see him play at 38 – he’ll do so as one of the best two-guards to play the game and a lock for the Hall-of-Fame.

(Via Dwyane Wade)