Why Did This High School Basketball Coach Headbutt A Referee?

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It’s somewhat understood in a basketball game that things happen in the heat of the moment during close games. But even with that unwritten understanding, it’s still possible to go too far. That’s exactly what a Pennsylvania high-school basketball coach did on Tuesday night while confronting a referee.

Neshaminy High head coach Jerry Devine — who doubles as a history and math teacher for the school — grew incensed after a charging call went against his team late in the game. Instead of just giving the ref a piece of his mind, Devine decided to give him a piece of his head as well. The coach walked up and proceeded to headbutt the ref so hard, he actually fell to the floor.

The City of Basketball Love reports that Devine was removed from the gym after the incident and will likely have some form of discipline coming his way soon.

(H/T Deadspin)

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