The Houston Rockets Are Offering $1 Beers, And Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong

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There are late-arriving crowds and then there are the crowds for Houston Rockets games. For whatever reason, attendance isn’t great and nobody seems to show up on time, even for postseason games involving Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder and the town’s very own James Harden.

So the Rockets are doing the only thing a responsible franchise desperate to have a packed house at tip-off of Game 5 against the Thunder would do — offer $1 beers before the game.

From 5:30 to 6:30, you can guzzle all the $1 beers you can get into your gullet. They’re not classy IPAs or oatmeal stouts from your favorite craft brewery, but hey, you take what you can get in a professional sports arena/stadium. You can also get nachos and hot dogs too, so even if you don’t consume alcohol, you can enjoy a very inexpensive appetizer or sandwich pregame.

But come on. How bad can the crowds be at tipoff?

OK, that’s not great.

Starting to see the point here.

This seems crazy for a playoff team, but fine, give away all the beer in your place.

There is a catch, though, as Yahoo points out that the cheapest tickets available for Game 5 will run you nearly $400, so in order to make up the difference in beer and sandwiches, you’re going to have to house a 12-pack and maybe six sandwiches before the game to break even. Maybe the reason people are always late-arriving is because they are coming from their second job they had to get to afford Rockets playoff tickets.

That being said, super cheap beer is always a good idea at a sporting event. Right?