Is This Kenyon Martin Foul ‘Thuggery’?

04.15.09 10 years ago 22 Comments

The Kings aren’t just pissed about JR Smith running up the score on them, jacking three’s late in the fourth when Denver already had the game locked up. Sacramento owner Joe Maloof wants it to be known that he’s also mad about Kenyon Martin‘s foul on Spencer Hawes.

About 15 seconds into the above clip, Hawes charges through the lane and seems to catch a part of K-Mart’s knee as he’s trying to finish at the cup. But that’s not exactly how Maloof saw it.

“That was thuggery,” said Maloof, “and you can quote me on that. Kenyon Martin wasn’t trying to block the shot. He went right at Spencer when he was running full speed and at the (height) of his jump, when he was most vulnerable.

“Completely unnecessary. The Nuggets might not want to hear this, but there was no excuse for that, and he (Martin) needs to apologize to Spencer and our organization. That just wasn’t right.”

I’ve watched this replay about 10 times now, and it might just be the camera angle that we’re seeing it from, but it looked like Martin did go for the ball. He didn’t chop his arms down across Hawes, so any damage that K-Mart did was made simply by making contact with him when he was in the air.

Do you think Maloof is right in calling this foul ‘thuggery’?

Source: Real GM

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