Celtics Fans Serenaded Kevin Durant With ‘Come To Boston’ Chants At TD Garden

You may have heard that Thunder superstar Kevin Durant is going to be a free agent at the end of the season, and it’s unclear exactly what he plans on doing. There’s been endless speculation that if he does indeed decide to leave Oklahoma City, his first choice as a new destination would be his hometown Washington Wizards.

Now, another team has purportedly entered the fray, however unlikely. In an interview prior to his team’s game against the Boston Celtics Wednesday night, Durant had some relatively nice (yet wholly innocuous) things to say about the organization, the fans, and their city. So naturally, it’s been blown way out of proportion.

Durant is at the top of just about everyone’s wish list this summer, and though he might indeed be the missing piece the Celtics need to get over the hump, they probably shouldn’t get their hopes up.