Kyrie Irving Threw Basically A Blind Alley-Oop To Kevin Durant While Falling To The Floor

USA basketball has seen tough days recently, nearly losing to Serbia and Australia at the Rio Olympics despite being overwhelming favorites. They bounced back a bit against France on Sunday, though, winning, 100-97, and finishing the game with some of the dramatic stylistic flair that only they can produce.

“Irving to Durant” is one of those phrases you should appreciate while it lasts. Though Team USA lacks the continuity and motivation that other, less talented basketball nations might provide, their level of talent and athleticism is the creme that always eventually rises to the top, even if these guys aren’t practicing with each other.

This sensational play is just one example of the ridiculous skill no other country can really answer for.

That said, this was still a three-point win by a USA squad that continues to show holes in their collective game.