LeBron James’ Latest Act Of Generosity Is An Amusement Park Trip For 5,000 Ohio Children

LeBron James‘ impact on northeast Ohio goes far beyond his accomplishments on the basketball court. His foundation has helped thousands of kids with things like college scholarships, and this week he continued his giving back to the community by paying the admission fees for 5,000 kids and their families in his program to go to the Cedar Point amusement park, according to TMZ.

The annual trip to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio encourages Akron kiddos to focus on their education before entering LBJ’s “I Promise” initiative — which offers a free college education after high school.

TMZ Sports spoke with a rep from CP, who tells us, “It’s an honor to work with a wonderful, dedicated group of people who provide so much to Northeast Ohio — and we’re happy to provide a ‘Best Day’ experience for their program families here at the park.”

This is a pretty awesome story, and a perfect example of what James means to his home region. He’s stayed involved in the community there throughout his career, but part of the draw for coming back to play for the Cavaliers in 2014 was the ability to do things like this in his home state, something he’s been taking full advantage of. And, of course, he came back to Ohio to win an NBA championship, so he’s 2-for-2 on doing everything he wanted to do. Good on him.

(via TMZ)