LeBron James Had To Eat Raw Garlic After Losing A Bet

Say what you want about LeBron James, but the man settles his bets. Earlier this month, Bron wore the full Cubs uniform after losing a World Series bet to Dwyane Wade. Last year, he bet Draymond Green two cases of wine that hometown favorites Ohio State would trounce Michigan State. The Buckeyes lost, and Bron sent the ballplayer two cases of the good stuff. And let’s not forget when he told us he would be bringing a championship to The Land.

Truly a man of his word, even when he’s betting against his son.

Yesterday LeBron found himself guaranteeing bad breath for a couple of days by eating a piece of raw garlic. The NBA superstar bet his 12-year-old son Bronny that he could beat him in a friendly game of pong.

Well, he lost and rather than playing the “I am the adult, this is my house, and I do what I want” dad card, LeBron kept up his end of the bargain and ate that clove of garlic like a real champ.

“Ooooh sh*t! That sh*t hot!,” LeBron said in a video that his wife Savannah recorded and uploaded on Instagram of her brave husband being a man of his word. Even if you’ve never eaten raw garlic before, just the look on LeBron’s face tells you all you need to know. On the plus side, eating raw garlic can help improve athletic performance. So that’s something.