LeBron Has Watched ‘Godfather II’ Six Times To Get Psyched This Postseason

Corleone LebRon

LeBron James likes to change his lifestyle when the NBA Playoffs roll around. In the past he’s gone off his social media and taken up reading to ratchet up his focus for the postseason. This year, he’s devoted himself to multiple viewings of a cinematic classic, about the savage truths of the patriarchy in Italian-American crime.

According to ESPN’s Chris Broussard, James has watched The Godfather, Part II six times during these playoffs. Maybe that helps explain his growing coldness toward Kevin Love, who he is refusing high fives at this point, and is perhaps envisioning as the Fredo Corleone to his Michael. Either way, James surely sent the Golden State Warriors into a veritable fishing boat on Lake Tahoe last night, with his Cleveland Cavaliers silencing the Oakland crowd as he and Kyrie Irving combined for 82 points in a 112-97 victory to force a Game 6 Thursday night in Cleveland.

James claims the movie “settles him down,” per Broussard. In order to repeat their effort with the suspended Draymond Green back in action Thursday night, James and Co. are going to have to watch the movie at least a few more times. Draymond with extra rest and a chip on his shoulder should be nothing short of apoplectic.

(Via Chris Broussard, ESPN)