Pre-Teen LeBron James, Jr. Swished These Consecutive Half-Court Shots Like He’s Steph Curry

The war between the James and Curry families continues escalating. Fresh off his father blocking Steph’s second-straight title and reminding the NBA that he’s still king, young LeBron James, Jr. hits the Internet with a new mini-mixtape of sorts, and shows that he’s coming for Curry’s corner.

Not only does James, Jr. knock down a series of half-court shots with the ease of a wunderkind, but he also dishes and drives with the savvy of a twenty-something vet throughout the clip. For those following the budding career of the 11-year-old, who already has standing offers from Kentucky and Duke, this comes as no surprise. James, Jr. has been the No. 1 bite-sized basketball genius for some time now.

LeBron James, senior edition, was a barrier-breaking athlete in terms of how much attention he got as a teenager. The NBA version of Truman Burbank, James’ life has been a soap operatic enactment and revision of sports clichés for going on twenty years; a life squeezed into a national television product at all times. With the amount of evolution we’ve seen in media since James’ high school games were broadcast on ESPN, it’s fair to speculate that his son could move the needle of young baller media spectacle even further.