Rick Carlisle Stresses The Need For Luka Doncic To Rest During Summer League

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For basketball fans who haven’t gotten to experience Luka Doncic yet, the news that he will not suit up during the NBA Summer League this year is a bit disappointing. Doncic’s situation is a bit different from most rookies — in addition to signing a contract with the Mavericks, a buyout needed to be reached with Real Madrid and other hurdles involving the move from Europe to the NBA had to be cleared.

Now that Doncic is signed and ready to suit up for Dallas, the question exists of whether he’ll actually get that opportunity. According to Dwain Price of Mavs.com, that will not be the case, as the team will keep him on the sideline this Summer League.

However, Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle kept the door slightly ajar in the event Doncic is able to suit up in Las Vegas.

If Doncic does ultimately sit out, Carlisle identified the reason it makes the most sense: The need for him to rest up before training camp starts.

Unlike the ex-college basketball players in this draft, who played a maximum of 40 games and saw their seasons end in April at the absolute latest, Doncic just went through a full season in Europe which ended in June. He’s played a total of 171 games over the last three years, including 61 in the EuroLeague and Spain this past season. Even if you are of the belief that the college game is better than playing Europe, tossing another 20+ games onto his body this past season is a big deal.

In the end, the smart move is almost certainly for Doncic to spend the rest of Summer League on the bench cheering on his teammates. Whether that ultimately ends up being what happens or if Dallas tries to get him some run in Las Vegas remains to be seen.