Monty Williams Ripped The Refs For ‘The Absolute Worst Call Of The Season’ At The End Of Pistons-Knicks

The New York Knicks picked up a 113-111 win over the Detroit Pistons on Monday evening and, on the surface, that isn’t a shocking result. After all, the Knicks are considerably better than the Pistons this season, and the game took place at Madison Square Garden. However, the contest was especially notable because of a wild end-of-game sequence that featured three turnovers, a complete scramble on both sides, and Knicks forward Josh Hart eventually converting the game-winning three-point play.

After the game, Pistons head coach Monty Williams took umbrage with one particular aspect of the officiating on the final, game-deciding play. It certainly appeared as if Pistons rookie Ausar Thompson was fouled by Knicks guard Donte DiVincenzo near mid-court. In fact, a different camera angle drew even more attention to the no-call.

Williams opened what became a very brief press conference by simply asserting that the lack of a whistle on DiVincenzo was “the absolute worst call of the season.” He then continued for approximately one full minute before exiting without taking questions.

“Enough’s enough,” Williams said as part of his comments. “We’ve done it the right way. We’ve called the league. We’ve sent in clips. We’re sick of hearing the same stuff over and over again. We had a chance to win the game, and the guy dove into Ausar’s legs. And there was a no-call. That’s an abomination. You cannot miss that in an NBA game. Period.”

Williams ended his postgame address by saying “we want a fair game, and that was not fair.” Beyond the very real gripe in this moment, Williams is almost certainly bringing the baggage of a long season for Detroit, as the Pistons are 8-49 and on a six-game losing streak. Plus, he’s a veteran head coach that likely understands the value of passionately defending his team in a moment like this. Even beyond that, though, it is brutal to lose on a play like this, and Williams did not hold back his displeasure, to the point where he might be getting a tap on the shoulder from the league in the form of a fine.