Even The NBA’s Richest Fan Thinks Game 7 Tickets Cost Too Much

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Just north of Silicon Valley is hell of a place to host the latest pinnacle of the NBA’s booming business. Oracle Arena, where the defending champion Golden State Warriors play in Oakland, has been the host of many of the postseason’s most important games. As such, ticket prices have soared to historical highs, with prices for courtside seats for tonight’s Game 7 reaching the ridiculous area of $49,000.

Even the NBA’s richest, most legendary fan is taken aback by that figure. Mysterious millionaire investor and ubiquitous big-game presence James Goldstein was recently asked by TMZ Sports about the climbing costs of his lifestyle. “The Tickets for Golden State games are higher than anywhere else in the league,” he said. “I’ve been spending a lot of money in these playoffs. [$49,000] is just foolish, to me. Even though I sit courtside at every game, I’d rather pay $3,000 and sit center fifth row for this game. I’ve been paying about $10,00o per ticket in these playoffs, which is bad enough.”

Like Craig Sager, Goldstein is a sideline icon without whom a classic Finals showdown just wouldn’t be complete. He says he’ll be there for Game 7, but that his bids for tickets tend to max out at around $10,000.

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