Nike Made This Amazing And Touching Commercial To Celebrate The Cleveland Cavaliers

The city of Cleveland is finally home to a championship team. It’s the first time since 1964 that one of the major American sports teams based out of the city holds a championship, as the Cleveland Cavaliers won the first title in franchise history on Sunday night.

There are plenty of talking points for the Cavs after a game like this: the legacy of LeBron James, where Kyrie Irving ranks among the best players in the NBA, what Kevin Love’s role will be next year, what team Kevin Love will play for next year, how will J.R. Smith celebrate an NBA Championship, etc. But the biggest thing is that Cleveland – CLEVELAND! – is home to a champion.

While it’s really hard for those of us non-Cleveland sports fans to totally grasp how big this is, Nike tried its best to put things into perspective with this amazing commercial about the Cavaliers and, more importantly, the city. It shows a bunch of Ohioans celebrating the championship, not just people from Cleveland, but from all over the state.

It sums up the pure joy and disbelief over the thought that a team from Cleveland could win a title. Nike is known for putting out some really awesome commercials, and this is up there with the best work that the company has ever done.