Watch Ole Miss Basketball Coach Andy Kennedy Do The ‘Whip’ And The ‘Nae Nae’

We’ve already seen various interpretations of “The Whip” and “Nae Nae.” Most notably from Arizona football head coach Rich Rodriguez, Stephen Curry’s adorable daughter Riley gave her rendition, and even Arnold Schwarzenegger gave us his take.

Well, now we have another one to laugh about from Ole Miss head basketball head coach Andy Kennedy. To be clear, Kennedy isn’t himself in this video. He’s actually Randy Kennedy — Andy’s alter ego. Hence the way-too-high shorts and socks (that’s not how he normally dresses), along with the wig and fake mustache.

But back to this video. Can we take a second to appreciate the production value of this thing? For starters, Kennedy himself is tripled, which we’re not sure how expensive it is to produce. I also deeply respect the decision to have him appear to levitate out from underneath the court at the beginning of the video, too. That’s a magical way to make an entrance, and perhaps it’ll continue once the season starts.

Randy’s dance moves are part of Ole Miss’ excellent student ticket campaign. I’m not even a Rebels student, and I’m prepared to buy all of their basketball tickets after watching this video. Thank you for this, Andy– I mean, Randy Kennedy.

(Ole Miss Rebels)