Who Drained The Finals 3-Pointer Better While Wearing One Sneaker: Andre Iguodala Or Mike Miller?

Warriors Sixth Man Andre Iguodala had more than a few highlight-worthy moments in Game 1 on Thursday night. He played LeBron about as well as you can (he held him to 4-of-14 shooting, while James was 14-for-24 against the rest of the Dubs), and even showed off his handle at the end of the first and his passing skills in the second half.

But he also drained a 3-pointer from the far corner in the second half wearing only one sneaker.

Yeah, he lost the sneaker at mid-court, and was open in the far corner (the Cavs would rather Iggy take a 3 over Steph, Klay and probably even Draymond at this point). But he knocked it down like a BAWSE, and continued his stellar play all night — even off-balance in one kick.

It reminded us of Mike Miller in the 2013 Finals against the Spurs when he was teamed with LeBron on the Heat. Mike Breen even alluded to the parallels last night (we thought of it first Mike, back off).

Miller lost his shoe in the fourth quarter of Game 6. Yes, the same Game 6 where Heat fans left early, Ray Allen saw them putting up championship tape a little early and hit the biggest 3-pointer of his life as retribution and to force OT.

Before all that drama, the Heat were trailing 77-70 in the final sequence, when Miller hit from downtown, even with Klaw covering at the last-minute and his sneaker having already been tossed to the sideline.

It was a really big shot by Miller for a Heat team who badly needed some heat at that juncture in the game and series.

We think Miller’s was bigger since Miami was facing elimination, but Iggy’s was certainly impressive. Which one was more spectacular?