Who Drained The Finals 3-Pointer Better While Wearing One Sneaker: Andre Iguodala Or Mike Miller?

06.05.15 3 years ago 2 Comments
Andre Iguodala, Mike Miller


Warriors Sixth Man Andre Iguodala had more than a few highlight-worthy moments in Game 1 on Thursday night. He played LeBron about as well as you can (he held him to 4-of-14 shooting, while James was 14-for-24 against the rest of the Dubs), and even showed off his handle at the end of the first and his passing skills in the second half.

But he also drained a 3-pointer from the far corner in the second half wearing only one sneaker.

Andre Iguodala One Shoe


Yeah, he lost the sneaker at mid-court, and was open in the far corner (the Cavs would rather Iggy take a 3 over Steph, Klay and probably even Draymond at this point). But he knocked it down like a BAWSE, and continued his stellar play all night — even off-balance in one kick.

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