Ron Artest: Goodbye, Houston

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If we believed that “Real_Ron_Artest” was the Tru Warier himself, then we’d be posting that he’s leaving Houston for Harlem to play for the Globetrotters.

“Yo, big announcement coming soon,” he tweeted late last night. “I’m signing with the…Globetrotters. I can’t wait to throw a bucket of confetti in ya grandma’s face.”

Though Ron-Ron won’t be whopping up on the Generals next season, he probably won’t be playing in Houston either.

“NBA sources told FOX 26 Sports Wednesday it is unlikely free agent forward Ron Artest will return to the Houston Rockets.”

“League sources told FOX 26 the Rockets would be willing to offer Artest a one-year contract at best. The sources said because of that the chances of Artest re-signing with Houston are remote.”

Last year, Artest made about $7.5 million. His numbers in Houston weren’t quite what they were in Sacramento a year earlier, but his outstanding performance during the first three games of the Lakers’ series (21, 25, 25 points respectively) might merit a slight raise.

If he plans to go to a contender, he’s going to have a tough time getting that extra money. Boston doesn’t have room to give him anything but the mid-level exception (right around $5.5 million). However, is it worth taking two million less next year to give the Celtics a real shot at their 18th banner? If I’m Danny Ainge and I can add either Rasheed Wallace or Ron-Ron for the mid-level, I’m going with Artest no question.

Odds are, Ron would have to take the same financial package in Cleveland. He met with LeBron yesterday. They probably skipped over that whole conversation about how Brandon Roy is a better player than LBJ, and got right into the idea of joining forces.

Artest would undoubtedly give Cleveland a much-needed perimeter defender, thereby lightening the load on James’ shoulders. But he’s a streaky three-point shooter no different from motley crew already assembled on the perimeter in Cleveland.

Who knows? Maybe Artest will prove that he can make open three’s consistently – we rarely see him take open shots in which he’s got his feet set underneath him.

If Trevor Ariza takes a bigger offer from Portland or Toronto, maybe Artest will fill in there in LA. If he and Kobe can peacefully co-exist, that’d obviously be his best shot at a ring. Even more than Ron and Shane Battier, teaming up Ron and Kobe already has Western conference SG’s and SF’s calling their moms.

The biggest issue there is figuring out how they can afford him. To make the money work out, LA might have to sign-and-trade.

Source: Real GM

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