Steph Curry Is Getting A Wax Figure At Madame Tussauds In San Francisco

You might think that Stephen Curry‘s incredible 2015 culminated with the MVP and NBA championship. After all, what’s better than a statue of Maurice Podoloff? The answer: a statue of Steph Curry, which is exactly what Curry is getting thanks to Madame Tussauds in San Francisco. Per the press release:

Curry spent hours with Madame Tussauds artists who took over 250 measurements to match everything from hair and eye color, to handprints. Tasked with holding an athletic pose as the artists took reference photos, Curry’s agent joked that the basketball star would have difficulty training the next day.

Steph selfies, too.

“We are thrilled to offer sports fans and visitors to San Francisco an opportunity to see one of the Bay Area’s most beloved sports heroes,” said Madame Tussauds General Manager, Chris Connors. “When Stephen Curry’s figure arrives, every fan in the Bay Area can come take a selfie with Stephen and hang out with him every day!”

Too bad Steph couldn’t surprise visitors himself like Jeremy Lin did last year when his own wax likeness was revealed to actually be him.

While making a statue of Steph is an obvious choice, it appears as if Tussauds really missed out on a golden opportunity. Steph is well on his way to worldwide fame, but there’s another Curry who may have already surpassed him: Riley. Sure, most people want to take a selfie with Steph, but apparently no one can get enough of his adorable daughter. Maybe, if the Warriors win it all again this year, Tussauds will commemorate Riley with her own statue.