Steve Kerr Thinks The NCAA Should Let Players That Go Undrafted Back Into College

03.06.18 1 year ago 2 Comments

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The NCAA is in something of a crisis right now with the FBI’s investigation into a widespread pay-for-play scandal that focuses on Christian Dawkins and ASM Sports has shined a light on the prevalence of players and coaches violating the NCAA’s rules regarding players receiving benefits.

This investigation has an impact on the NBA as well, not because players that have taken money are in any way deserving of punishment but because it highlights how the “one-and-done” rule fails to account for the fact that guys are going to get paid somehow if they are a top prospect. The league is now revisiting it’s age limit and rules about who can enter the NBA Draft, and it’s possible the rule will be done away with in the near future.

While that is a win for players, there will be inherent risks for those that choose to forego college to try and get drafted. The biggest of those risks is that once you sign with an agent or simply go beyond the NBA Combine portion of the process, you can’t return to college to play. This is a direct result of the NCAA’s insistence on holding onto the ideals of amateurism, which this investigation is proving to be the sham most knew it was anyways.

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