Uncle Drew Is Back To School The Youngbloods Over All-Star Weekend

Everyone’s favorite senior citizen baller is coming back for the 2017 NBA All-Star Game. Pepsi released a new Uncle Drew short starring Kyrie Irving watching the NBA All-Star Game along with JB Smoove and Baron Davis in their characters. The trio of old-timers are sitting around a table, as Drew waxes poetically about how the All-Star game is “about getting buckets,” which is extremely true.

Irving’s Uncle Drew character is the best recurring commercial character since Terry Tate, office linebacker, and it’s exciting to see him making his return. We’ll have to see what’s next for Uncle Drew at All-Star Weekend in New Orleans and if they have any more surprise guests up their sleeves for the series.

We’ve already seen Kevin Love, Maya Moore, Nate Robinson, Baron Davis and Ray Allen don the old person makeup and take to the courts in the series so the bar is set pretty high for star power. I don’t really know where the series goes from here, as it’s so popular it’s hard to hide that it’s Kyrie and not just an old guy arriving at the court.

My hope is that Pepsi pulled strings with the NBA to allow Irving to play the entire All-Star game in full Uncle Drew makeup and he spends the entire time trying to clown all of the NBA’s “youngbloods.” It would be both ridiculous and amazing to watch a court full of All-Stars and then Kyrie, dressed as an old man in sweats. If not, this all could be a tease for the upcoming Uncle Drew movie that’s reportedly in the works.