‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Is Finally Back In The PlayStation Store With A New Warning

Cyberpunk 2077 is back in the PlayStation store after a long drought. The game initially launched as a PS4 and Xbox One title, but the title was such a buggy broken mess at launch that Sony pulled the game from its store entirely because they felt it was harming their reputation amid a flood of cries for refunds. Cyberpunk’s developers, CD Projekt Red, promised to fix the game and help it reach the standards required of them to release a game on PlayStation consoles.

Ever since, CD Projekt Red developers have been releasing fixes for the game. They’re currently on patch 1.23 and the game is definitely in a more stable place than it once was. Stable enough to where Sony has allowed the game to re-appear in the PlayStation store once again, but they delivered that news on Monday with a warning. Anyone that has the base PlayStation 4 may want to consider upgrading to a PS4 Pro or PlayStation 5 before giving Cyberpunk 2077 a try again.

In one sense, it’s good for developers of Cyberpunk that they’re finally able to re-release the game to PlayStation. However, the major complaint of the original Cyberpunk was exactly the issue Sony is warning buyers about. The most notorious glitches PlayStation owners saw usually occurred on the base PS4. The Pro was better, although not by much, and the best experience was easily the PS5. So it sounds like the experience is going to be pretty similar even if some of the game breaking glitches have finally been removed.

It’s possible that this is just a game that is never going to run well on the base PS4. That happens sometimes. Control, a Game of the Year contender, was notoriously difficult to run on a base PS4. However, considering Cyberpunk‘s history and why Sony removed it from the PlayStation store in the first place, it’s odd that they would allow it to go back on the store with this kind of warning.

At this point, anyone that does want to play Cyberpunk with a non-buggy experience should just look into a next-gen console. To CD Projekt’s credit, the developers have been doing their best to fix the game, but a hack that occurred back in February has made fixing the game a difficult experience. We have no idea when the game will be a truly enjoyable experience on current generation hardware, but if Sony is throwing their hands up and saying it’s good enough to sell with a warning then that is a pretty good sign that they aren’t expecting those fixes anytime soon.