The New ‘Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin’ Trailer Is Unexpectedly Soundtracked By Frank Sinatra

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is an action souls-like game being developed by Team Ninja. The game is meant to be a retelling or homage to the original Final Fantasy that came out all the way back in 1987, but while that game was a traditional turn-based JRPG, this one is a cinematic action game. The inspirations from Dark Souls are very clear in both gameplay, style, and challenge, but all of it with a Final Fantasy spin to it.

On Monday, a release date trailer for Final Fantasy Origin was uploaded. Back during E3, the debut trailer for the game definitely caught everyone’s attention with some very cheesy dialogue and overuse of the word “chaos.” However, the demo that came out alongside it showed a lot of potential for a fun action romp, even if the dialogue alongside it was less than stellar.

The new trailer felt like more of the same with most of the dialogue choices feeling very soap opera-ish and it generally struggled to make the main character, Jack, seem particularly endearing. All of that said, most of the action sequences in the trailer were incredibly cool. The camera cuts were excellent, it showed some cool moves that we’re excited to try when the game comes out, and it struck as a trailer that is delivering on the promise of an action-packed adventure. Even if the plot was failing to draw that same level of interest.

Then Frank Sinatra’s “My Way ” starts playing in the latter half of the trailer leaving everyone who watches this in stunned amazement. That’s because, with the tone of everything that has played up to this point in the trailer, “My Way” is arguably one of the most out-of-place songs that could be used here. It likely also doesn’t help that the entire latter half of the trailer is building out the love story plotline for the game.

While it may have not been the most logical song choice for this trailer, it certainly made an impact and we now know for certain that this game is coming out on March 18, 2022. In that way, the trailer did exactly what it wanted to accomplish. The record shows this trailer took its blows, but they did it their way.