The Platformer About Divorce ‘It Takes Two’ Will Be Adapted For TV And Film

It Takes Two is a divisive game. The platformer about two adults, Cody and May, preparing for divorce only to become toy dolls ranges from the Game of the Year for some to unearned emotional pulling for others. It’s generally agreed that the gameplay itself is pretty fun and a great co-op experience. However, the game’s plot is where a lot of the complaints about It Takes Two come in. Some people believe it’s a really well-told story about two adults needing to learn how to grow as people, but others think it’s a game where the characters don’t actually go through much change and many of its more mature themes are mishandled.

Despite the divisiveness over the plot of It Takes Two, it looks like the game will be receiving an adaptation for film and TV. According to Variety, the studio behind It Takes Two — Hazelight Studios — has partnered with dj2 Entertainment to create the adaptation. The game’s director, Josef Fares, is unsurprisingly excited about the potential adaptation.

“Creating the world and story in ‘It Takes Two’ was so much fun for me and the team,” said Hazelight founder and creative director Josef Fares. “Since it has a strong narrative with many crazy characters and just as crazy co-op action moments, the potential is huge for a great adaption to film or television.”

It will be interesting to see what kind of direction they choose to take this adaptation. The game has a really incredible art style that will be extremely difficult for a movie studio to match without just copying it if they choose to go the animation route. If they go the live filming route though then recreating that unique art with actual people will be a task in itself. Of course, that’s for the studios to figure out.