We Need To Have A Discussion About What Mac Jones Looks Like In ‘Madden’

The New England Patriots, in their quest to find a long-term replacement for Tom Brady, selected Alabama quarterback Mac Jones with the No. 15 pick of the 2021 NFL Draft. Jones, a Heisman finalist who put up huge numbers as the Crimson Tide marched to a national championship this past season, was viewed as a tier below the top quarterbacks in the 2021 Draft, but brings a number of traits — namely accuracy to all three levels of the field — that a coach like Bill Belichick covets.

All of that is fine and dandy but dear lord do we need to talk about what Madden thinks he looks like. An image of Jones in his first edition of the game, the upcoming Madden NFL 22, hit the Twitterverse recently, and I think it is very important we talk about it. Take two seconds to scroll to the very top of this post and look at Jones. I’ll wait.

[twiddles thumbs, takes a bite of a sandwich]

Ok, cool? Well, apparently, instead of the babyfaced Jones who has a pretty normal looking hairline, EA Sports believes he looks like Paul Giamatti’s exponentially less famous brother or something.

In the immortal words of American philosopher Taylor Twellman, what are we doing, Madden? Sometimes you can squint and see what the game was going for, and while one of these renderings of an athlete is bad, you can make out how we get to that point. This one, absolutely not. That is Mose Schrute with a larger forehead.

Listen, making a video game is really, really hard work, and the fine folks at EA Sports legitimately do their best to give all of us reasons to buy Madden every year. This won’t be something that keeps anyone from picking up a copy of this year’s game, but it absolutely does put the L in Madden NFL 22.