This New ‘Mario Golf: Super Rush’ Game Mode Is ‘Mario Kart’ Meets Golf

In a time where a good couch co-op game can be hard to find, Nintendo continues to deliver instant classics that are sure to liven up every post-vaccine get together, and Mario Golf: Super Rush appears to be no exception. In a video released earlier this week, Nintendo offered fans a sneak peek at what’s in store for them in the next Mario Golf title. While many of the game’s mechanics are carrying over from the series’ previous entries, the trailer revealed some exciting changes are being made for Super Rush.

Perhaps the most significant change in the game is the addition of speed golf mode, which allows up to four players to play golf simultaneously — as in no waiting, and no turns. The goal of the game is not only to complete a course with fewer shots than your opponents but to outpace them while doing so. Each of the game’s 16 characters come with special skills and shots that will help them get to their ball, and subsequently their next shot and victory, faster than their competitors, while surely enraging a few family members or friends in the process.

In addition to speed golf, the game also contains battle golf and story modes. In battle golf mode, players will interact with one another similarly to how they do in speed golf, however, instead of a normal course, players will enter an obstacle-filled arena with nine holes. The first golfer to capture three holes, while having the lowest stroke count, will be crowned the winner. In the game’s story mode, called Golf Adventure, players get the chance to level up their Mii characters through competitions, challenges, and battle bosses. With guidance and gradually increasing difficulty, Golf Adventure is sure to be the best way to hone your skills before your next family hang.

Interested in giving it a swing? The good news is you don’t have to wait much longer. Mario Golf: Super Rush is headed to Nintendo Switch exclusively on June 25.