Nintendo Teased ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2’ During E3 And Announced A 2022 Release Date

Ever since Nintendo first announced The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 back in 2019 there has been eager anticipation for more news about it. The first Breath of the Wild game was beloved by not only Zelda fans, but video game fans as a whole. It won numerous game of the year awards and was considered an absolute masterpiece of a game. So of course everyone wanted a sequel.

On Tuesday, during Nintendo’s E3 Presentation, fans finally got the teaser trailer they’ve been wanting for so long. While it didn’t give us all the details we could want, it was enough to tide us over until we get more info at a later date. More importantly, we have an idea of when the game is coming. 2022. As long as it doesn’t get delayed, we should all be exploring Hyrule again by the end of 2022 at the latest. It can’t come soon enough.

Of course, since this is a sequel, we do want to see some changes in the upcoming game and the trailer did give us a tease of what it may look like. A big part of the first Breath of the Wild was the ability to climb and go anywhere the player wanted. The detail was incredible with every piece of the world having something in it and no piece of land going unused. So there wasn’t much more the developers could do with the land itself. So where could they go? In the sky of course!


The trailer featured Link gliding through the sky, giant continents floating in the air and clear use of more verticality in the map. This gives the developers infinite room to work with and some of the new tools we were teased complimented this new vertical approach. One, which had Link phasing through solid matter, looked particularly fun to use.

Two aspects of the game they didn’t show that is going to make or break this game for a lot of traditional Zelda fans are the dungeons and weapons. The first game allowed Link to use all kinds of weapons, but they would break after being used too long forcing the player to go find new ones. This, and the lack of major themed dungeons, turned off a lot of longtime Zelda fans from the first Breath of the Wild game. It will be interesting to see if the developers stick to the formula of the first game or try to appease some of the original fans with a more traditional Zelda game.