You Can Now Play ‘DOOM’ Inside Of ‘DOOM 2’

Not only is DOOM one of the most influential video games ever made, but it’s also quickly become one of the most consistently memed games out there. DOOM is a very old game that at the time was the work of pushing computers to their absolute limits. These days though, it’s about the size of a modern day webpage. As a result hackers have made it a challenge to see what weird things they can put the game on such as a lamp from IKEA.

So what have the hackers done this time? Taken this meme to what really feels like its logical conclusion. Now, in the DOS version of DOOM 2 a hacker has figured out a way to make it so you can play the first DOOM inside of the game. They also make some quality of life choices to the game like adding fog and making the textures look better, but the meme of making DOOM playable in yet another place lives on. It’s basically that old “Yo dawg” meme but, with DOOM instead.

It’s very hard to see where the meme can even go from here. How are the hackers going to top putting DOOM inside of its own game? Maybe someone gets permission and puts it on one of the giant screens on Times Square, or play DOOM inside of DOOM inside of DOOM 2.