‘Street Fighter 6’ Was Unveiled At The End Of The Capcom Countdown

Street Fighter is one of the most famous fighting franchises ever. It, alongside the bloodier Mortal Kombat, revolutionized the fighting game genre and dominated arcades for over a decade. Even as the idea of arcades became a thing of the past in the United States, games like Street Fighter II were being regularly played on home consoles and in competitive local tournaments. In Japan, where the developer and publisher of the series Capcom is located, the series is still a mainstay in the thriving arcade scene.

All of this is to say that when a new Street Fighter game is announced, it’s usually a big deal. As such, when a recent countdown appeared on Capcom’s website with no indication of what it could be, fans speculated. While a new Street Fighter felt like a possibility, it never felt like a guarantee, especially since the series historically takes a long time to release new mainline titles with an eight-year gap between Street Fighter V and Street Fighter IV, and an 11-year gap between Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV.

When the countdown on Capcom’s website finally hit zero, though, it revealed that it’s indeed related to a new Street Fighter. The next game in the franchise, Street Fighter 6, has been officially announced and teased. While we got no info for it besides a CGI cutscene featuring Ryu and Street Fighter V DLC character Luke, we can expect more info in the upcoming summer.

This is excellent news for fans of the fighting game genre. Street Fighter is always a great way to fight it out with friends, roommates, or in simple online battles, and with Street Fighter V introducing a story mode, we may even get a more expansive single-player campaign this go around. We’re eagerly awaiting more info in the coming months.