This ‘Valorant’ Pro Pulled Off An Outrageous Double Kill

Few games require the level of skill needed to win a match in Valorant. While there are cool abilities and unique characters that even the playing field a bit, a match in Valorant often comes down to who has the best game sense and the quickest reflexes. Thanks to that, the best players in the world are able to use the game’s various abilities to make some really incredible plays that even stuns other pros.

On Sunday, we saw one of those pros in action when YaBoiLewis, a player for Fokus Clan, pulled off what can only be described as a double jump double kill with the character Raze. In Round 18 of a 9-8 map, Fokus was looking to tie up the match with a crucial victory over their opponent, G2. They already had an advantage when G2 player, Meddo, went down. That’s when Lewis went to work and finished off the remaining four players on G2’s squad. He starts off by winning a 1v1 against AvovA and from that point on it’s just a highlight reel.

This dude double jumped into a 2v1, came out on top, and then managed to tag off the final player on G2’s squad to secure the victory. He made it look so simple, but listen to the broadcast’s reaction and you know that he just pulled off a pretty legendary highlight. While he never had a shot at the Ace, because he wasn’t the one to take down Meddo, he’ll be satisfied with the play of the game and a map tying victory.

Unfortunately for him and Fokus Clan though, that round wasn’t enough to propel them to victory. G2 would compose themselves to earn the first win of a best of three series.