10 sort-of positive quotes from the one fresh review of Katherine Heigl’s new movie

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01.30.12 39 Comments

Much like Bucky Larson, Katherine Heigl’s One for the Money was abruptly Trojan-horsed into theaters without being screened for critics this past weekend. But unlike Bucky Larson (still 0% after 35 reviews), One for the Money was able to win one fan (sort of!), bumping its recommended rating up to a whopping 3%. I’ve compiled here the ten most glowing quotes from Scott from MovieBuff‘s beaming two-and-a-half-star review. I also added exclamation points, because although they weren’t in the original review, I felt they captured the spirit of the review.
I think my favorite was “She never quite pulls off the Jersey persona but she comes close enough!”

“Thanks in large part to the power of extremely lowered expectations, I actually enjoyed this Katherine Heigl chick flick!”
“It’s far from perfect, but I wasn’t bored!”
“Heigl herself does an okay job in the role!”
“Sure, it’s being dumped in the dead of winter and wasn’t screened for critics before it was released, but I still enjoyed it!
“She never quite pulls off the Jersey persona but she comes close enough!”
“I never thought of her as that attractive before, but she’s quite sexy here!”
“Despite the weakness of the mystery and the failure of the humor to be as funny as it should be, there is just enough of everything plus a dose of likable charm from Heigl to keep the story moving along!”
“Jason O’Mara is the cop she’s hunting down and while he’s rough and rude to her at first, he’s also incredibly buff and cooks for her!”
“I can objectively see that it’s not particularly well made, but despite that I still rather liked it!”
“Although yes, a big part of that is because I went into it with absolutely zero expectations!”
I had entirely too much fun making this.
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