The Hangover writers made Disapproving Asian Dad meme into a movie, basically

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11.12.12 10 Comments

A lot can happen between script and screen, but it’s hard not to notice that Hangover writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore’s non-Hangover credits include Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Four Christmases, Rebound (that one was about Martin Lawrence coaching a basketball team), Flypaper, and The Change-Up. They’ll get an opportunity to prove themselves in their directorial debut, 21 & Over, the trailer for which is below.

You may remember that Hangover II was about Ed Helms’ journey to prove himself to his disapproving Asian father in law. This one’s about 21-year-old Jeff Chang proving to his disapproving Asian father that he’s his own man. Or at least, it’s about the two white guys trying to keep Jeff Chang from hurting himself so his Disapproving Asian Dad doesn’t kill them. I guess having not written the second Hangover, Lucas and Moore felt like they were missing out on all the Disapproving Asian Dad fun. Oh, Asians. You make the best props for white characters.

They barely even had to change the old comedy standby, “Oh no, I’m going to miss an important business meeting with the Japanese!”


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