A Man Dressed As A Stormtrooper Caused Some People In Kansas To Overreact

Let this be a lesson to all of you kids out there with your Vine and Snapchat and Yo and Pogs – just because you know what you’re doing, it doesn’t mean that everyone else does. Case in point, a Salina, Kansas man named Chris Burns has a newer Vine character named Stormtrooper Sam, who seems to be your average, ordinary soldier of the Empire just out and about, handling his daily errands, all to the delight of the 200 or so people who follow Burns on Vine. In fact, he loves the character and the film franchise so much that he hopes to have Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford appear on his Vine one day. Good luck!

In the meantime, there are still some people in Salina who need to learn what a Stormtrooper and Vine are, because when other citizens see a dude in a crazy ass costume holding what looks like a rifle, they’re going to freak out a little bit. At least one concerned citizen called the cops on Burns yesterday, according to KWCH, and he learned the hard way that it’s going to take some time for the squares of Salina to get around to finally watching Star Wars.

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