A ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Sequel Is Happening 21 Years After The Original

Let it never be said that Hollywood producers wouldn’t dig up the corpses of their own mothers if someone told them that it would guarantee them a big box office weekend. Almost 21 years after Robin Williams played a lousy dad who dressed as an elderly British woman so he could have daily access to his children, Fox 2000 has decided that Mrs. Doubtfire needs a sequel. The idea of a second run-by fruiting had already been in the works for some time, but like the dodo and Lisa Jakub’s career, it seemed to be dead.

But this sequel appears to be the real thing, as a Hollywood Reporter “exclusive” reveals that both director Chris Columbus and star Robin Williams are on board to return, presumably because their agents called them and shouted, “CHA-CHING!” and they all laughed at how easy it is to make $15 million in the entertainment industry these days. Also on board is Elf scribe David Berenbaum, who is tasked with the unenviable duty of writing a story that explains why we should care after 21 years.

My guess is Natalie Hillard is now in college and Daniel Hillard is terrified of her being on Girls Gone Wild, because that’s the perfect dated reference for a movie like this. So Mrs. Doubtfire returns as the house mom of Natalie’s sorority, and goddamnit, why do I keep giving them easy and awful ideas like this?

I still contend that the world would be much better off without a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel and with a Mrs. Featherbottom movie.