A Very Normal-Looking Johnny Depp Played Guitar For Willie Nelson In Boston

Johnny Depp has been filming his upcoming crime drama Black Mass in South Boston since the beginning of last month, and he has really been visiting the wardrobe and makeup trailers to make sure he gets the look of Whitey Bulger just right. The guy’s been hard at work on set, even working through his 51st birthday, so when he heard that his good buddy Willie Nelson would be in town last week with Alison Krauss, he couldn’t say no to a little time off for a show. But just as he did earlier this year in Austin, Depp actually joined Nelson and his band on stage for a song or two.

Whether or not anyone really knew that it was Depp is the question, though, because when Nelson introduced his bandmates, he just referred to the A-lister as “Johnny over there playin’ the guitar.” Also, Depp was only wearing a black t-shirt and jeans, without a strange hat and 12,000 bracelets, so everyone probably thought that he was just a really handsome dork.

Here’s the D-man shredding a righteous solo on his ax:

And here he is closing out one of the songs (be warned, this is a loop of the same clip for 1:30, because apparently Nelson’s stoner fans could only manage a few seconds of video):

But if you’re the kind of person who likes hearing an entire song, here’s Depp playing with Nelson and Co. in Austin back in March.

Finally, here’s Depp either in costume as Whitey Bulger or on the prowl outside a day care center.