Alabama: True Home of One-Stop Shopping

Here’s a little mom and pop convenience store in Alabama, appropriately next to a church that was designed by a tween playing The Sims. How’d I come across this? All too intimately, I assure you, as I was forced to accompany someone on a trip to Mexico for experimental surgery (but that’s another story). Rest assured that all these items are available, though I would recommend extra wine if you’re going to try the hotdogs. As for the chainsaws and jewelry, maybe you’re asking “Why? What could you be doing where you need all of these things in one stop?”

1. Making a Miley Cyrus music video.

2. Hosting an after-work party for transvestite loggers.

3. Relaxing Joey Chestnut before you murder him.

4. You’re an ice sculptor and you’re running late to your niece’s debutante ball.

4. Meeting Harmony Korine.

I’ll leave the rest to the commenters.

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