After Blackfish Backlash, Alan Jackson And Kid Rock Step In To Save SeaWorld’s BBQ Festival

Back in November, members and representatives of a number of music acts announced that their bands would all be pulling out of this year’s Bands, Brew & BBQ Festival at SeaWorld Orlando because of the documentary film Blackfish. The movie, of course, told the story of the capture and subsequent captivity of the killer whale Tilikum, which was responsible for the tragic death of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau in 2010. Since its release, Blackfish has been the catalyst for boycotts and other such outrage focused on SeaWorld and the animals that the theme parks keep in captivity.

Naturally, SeaWorld has denied the claims of Blackfish, calling the film ‘propaganda,’ and at least one former trainer has come to the park’s defense as well, painting director Gabriela Cowperthwaite as an Oscar-hungry opportunist, and the Oscar-less Cowperthwaite has in turn challenged SeaWorld to a debate. Regardless, SeaWorld, which claims that 2013 brought record profits, looked screwed, as Heart, Willie Nelson, REO Speedwagon and other bands all withdrew from the festival. But the funny thing about musicians is that they love money, so Alan Jackson and Kid Rock were more than happy to fill in.

The theme park announced the additions on Wednesday, three days before the event debuts. Jackson will perform at 5 p.m. Saturday, while Kid Rock will take the stage at the park’s Bayside Stadium at 4 p.m. on Sunday.

The remainder of this year’s Bands, Brew & BBQ concert lineup was not revealed. Future performers will be announced during the week before the days they are scheduled to appear. The event will run on Saturdays and Sundays through March 9 as originally planned. (Via the Orlando Sentinel)

Just like with any good controversy, the Internet commenters are having a blast with this news, with many of my fellow Floridians sharing their support and love for Jackson and Kid Rock and others spitting hot keyboard venom at them. But I couldn’t write about this news without sharing this wonderful HOT NEWS TAEK from a Sentinel commenter:

Both of these singers are HAS BEENS, and no longer mean crap to mainstream society. Kid Rock, really should be spelled Kid Punk because of all of his arrests and felony charges stemming from assaults on people. Iwish 1 time the dumb fock would be locked up with a guy that would bash his skull in and rid the planet of this garbage he calls music. He plagerizes other people’s music, can’t write anything worth a crap by himself. Sea World is on the way out, as decent people are sick of the bullcrap hype they put out, and how they beat and mistreat the animals they capture and then lock away in captivity. You simple minded idiots that support SeaWorld make me sick. Supporting animal abuse and mistreatment is gonna come back around and take a big freaking bite out of your butts.

I love it when PFT Commenter branches out.

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