American Psycho Updated for 2011

Last week it was announced that Lionsgate had found a director and writer for a remake of American Psycho. While most people cried foul and came out strongly against any attempt to alter such a fundamental example of Christian Bale looking bulgy in his underpants, American Psycho writer Bret Easton Ellis came out in favor of the remake, and in favor of the idea to update the setting to present-day New York. Once again, most people seem to hate that idea, given American Psycho’s association with the 80s, prompting one commenter to write “Taking American Psycho out of the 80s is like taking the fat out of bacon, the cheese off of pizza, the skin off of fried chicken…”
But here at FilmDrunk, we pride ourselves on being visionaries, which is why we went to GREAT PAINS (hours and hours, slaving over the keyboard!) to imagine what American Psycho might look like in 2011. Yes, this is one of the dumber things we’ve ever done. Enjoy. (thanks to Stallonewolf for the banner caption)

“Listen, the chipotle mud and charcoal creme-freche are exquisite here.”
“Tyler Shields. We’ll get Tyler Shields. And we’ll have to get someone to Flipcam it. Patrick, we should do it.”
“Do what?”
“Leak a sex tape.”
(thanks, Brendan)
(thanks, Michelle)
Possible edit: “And maybe you even follow my Tumblr and you can sense that our lifestyles are comparable…”
(Again, Thanks, Michelle)