Andy Serkis appears in film without fangs or monkey fur

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03.21.12 17 Comments

Death of a Superhero plays the Tribeca Film Festival next month, hits VOD and iTunes April 17th, and gets a limited theatrical run May 4th. It tells the story of a 15-year-old played by Thomas Sangster who retreats into a world of comic book superheroes while battling terminal cancer and becomes determined to get laid. It’s set in Ireland, because if he was Mexican, he’d already have three kids (hey! who typed that?). The film is also notable for starring Andy Serkis in a rare role he doesn’t have to perform in a wetsuit covered in ping pong balls. I’m pretty sure acting like a chimp is actually super easy, so it’ll be interesting to see if he can make the jump to a role where he has more than two lines and doesn’t throw poop at anyone. I kid, I kid. Of course he can! He’s A BRITISH THEZZBIAN!

Oh, here, I made a poster. I wanted to play up the Andy Serkis angle a little more.

[trailer via Movieline]

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