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06.19.13 49 Comments


I’m not sure I would’ve posted the trailer for I Give It A Year otherwise, but this Anna Faris screencap seemed like a must-see. So, I Give It A Year. It’s, uh… comedy romantic someone movie make… crap, I keep losing my train of thought…

Writer/Director Dan Mazer has made a name for himself with the Sacha Baron Cohen comedies BRUNO, BORAT, and ALI G IN DA HOUSE, and is now moving on to his own features, starting with the British romcom I GIVE IT A YEAR. The straightforward pic follows the “trials and tribulations of a newlywed couple during their first year of marriage,” but with some edgier, psuedo-raunchy humor. The film is packed with a great cast, many of which who are no strangers to the genre, including Rose Byrne (BRIDESMAIDS), Anna Faris (THE HOUSE BUNNY), Minnie Driver (GROSSE POINTE BLANK), Rafe Spall (SHAUN OF THE DEAD), and Simon Baker (The Mentalist). It looks like a blast, which isn’t something I say often about this genre, but Mazer at the helm and the solid cast sell it easily. [JoBlo]

Oh and Steven Merchant, who doesn’t get his name on the poster even though he’s doing all the heavy joke lifting. Who the f*ck is Rafe Spall? Come on, now you’re just sticking random letters together.

You can tell Simon Baker is the sexual temptation because the only guy not wearing a sweater.

Opens August 9th.


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