Aretha Franklin Wants Halle Berry To Play Her In Her Biopic

01.27.11 34 Comments
Pictured: Not Aretha Franklin.  Because I love you all.

Pictured: Not Aretha Franklin. Because I love you all.

So there’s this biopic about Aretha Franklin, and the legendary diva wants Halle Berry to play her. Halle was extremely diplomatic, and pointed out that she way, way, WAY too pretty can’t sing well enough to handle the part. ARETHA AIN’T CARE, right THR?

“Many actors have portrayed vocalists by lip-synching to the artist’s original recordings,” Franklin wrote in a letter read on the Wendy Williams show Monday.

Berry joked to Ryan Seacrest before the Golden Globes: “Someone should tell Aretha that I can’t do her justice.”

This reminds me of the time I was in talks with Hollywood producers to produce a movie about my life. I told them I really thought the role could only be played properly by Paul Newman. That’s the only actor that I felt could display my breathtaking handsomeness, but also capture the white hot passion I burn with under the surface. Not one of these no-talent haircuts you see headlining movies today. They got really confused, and said, “Uh, DG… Paul Newman has been dead for over a year. And he was 83 when he died.” I said of course I didn’t want a corpse to play me. I’m not stupid. I wanted Paul Newman from 1960 to play me. You know, back before The Hustler came out and he became a star. Handsome, humble, 1960 Paul Newman, or the deal’s off, I said. Never heard from them again, but glad I stuck to my guns.

In conclusion, Aretha, you’ll get Jennifer Hudson and you’ll like it.

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