30 Minutes or Less IRL Troll: Australian Teen Forced to Wear Collar Bomb

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08.03.11 21 Comments

30 Minutes or Less, starring Danny McBride and Nick Swardson as two ne’er-do-wells who strap a bomb to Jesse Eisenberg and tell him to rob a bank, is supposedly not based on but definitely similar to the

Assistant Commissioner Mark Murdoch said Madeleine’s parents William and Belinda Pulver – one of Sydney’s wealthiest families – were “immensely relieved” and that the girl was safe.  Mr Murdoch described it as a “very elaborate device” and police were continuing to investigate an elaborate extortion but would not reveal details of the threat or demands.
Experts from the NSW Bomb Squad spent a number of hours inside the house examining the device while it remained secured around the terrified teenager’s neck.
X-rays were taken of the device to allow a more detailed check before any attempt to defuse it was made.

It’s a very specific fetish.

The Daily Telegraph understands the extortionist, clad in a balaclava [ski mask], entered the house shortly after 2pm and took Madeleine hostage.
It is believed he ordered her to a room towards the front of the house and directed her to sit down while he strapped a device around her neck.
While he was rigging up the explosive, the man ordered a terrified Madeleine to be limited in what she told police, or else he would remotely detonate the bomb.
It is understood the girl was told she could ring police to alert them to her predicament, but she must not give too much detail about him or their conversation. The man told Madeleine he would be able to hear her and what she told police, indicating he had planted listening devices within the house. With the bomb secured, he then left. [DailyTelegraph.Au]

What they don’t say whether the extortion plot actually worked, and the family paid him off. But then, maybe it wasn’t an extortion plot at all, but rather… THE GREATEST VIRAL MARKETING STUNT EVER PULLED!

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