Best Headline? “Brian Grazer: Fatass Man-Nanny Made My Kids Racist.”

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Despite looking like a wiry speed freak who drinks hair gel and snorts embalming fluid, Brian Grazer is one of the biggest-name producers in town, and normally the type of guy who lets his movies do the talking. But today it’s starting to make a lot more sense that he hangs around with Brett Ratner.

Sidenote: Is this the best TMZ headline of all time?

‘Apollo 13’ Producer Brian Grazer — Fatass Man-Nanny Made My Kids Racist

Legendary producer Brian Grazer wants to strip his ex-wife of nanny-hiring powers — claiming the last “manny” she hired was a fat slob who turned their kids into little racists.

Grazer — who divorced his wife Gigi back in 2009 — filed the declaration in new legal docs, claiming the 20-something-year-old man she hired to look after their sons (aged 9 and 13) was the worst possible influence imaginable.

According to the docs, the manny in question was terribly educated, disrespectful toward Grazer and others, used extremely foul language and was also a racist.

Grazer says the manny resigned a few weeks ago, but Grazer still believes the bad habits have rubbed off on his kids.  The legal docs do not give specifics about the offensive things the manny and the kids said.

Grazer — who pays Gigi $40,000 a month in child support — also wants more visitation.

I was going to make fun of him for expecting his nanny to be educated, but for $40K a month you could hire a Harvard Professor. What do they play with in the tub, yachts?

Brian Grazer looks like exactly the kind of guy who would marry someone named “Gigi.”