The Best Of Matt Damon’s Reddit AMA

Matt Damon is a man on a promoting mission for The Monuments Men. Last night it was undermining George Clooney’s prank wars on Letterman. Tonight it’s returning to battle with Jimmy Kimmel. And in between he has taken the time to do a long and thoughtful Reddit AMA. Although I’m sure that’s pretty easy when you have multiple personal assistants typing with ferocity while you sip smoothies in between rotating Swedish massages and Xbox (all assumptions).

(Damon’s AMA actually served two promotional purposes, as he also used the opportunity to raise awareness for a pretty amazing Omaze experience he and Ben Affleck put together to support each other’s charities.)

Here’s the best of what has just transpired on Reddit, including more on Clooney pranks, Team America, thoughts on education, and how he’s always getting confused for Mark Wahlberg (?). Check the full thing out here.

On taking pay cuts:

On George Clooney’s pranks (spoiler: awesome):

On becoming best friends:

On which Monopoly piece you should always choose:

On finally being a guest on Kimmel’s show:

On his portrayal in Team America:

On the passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman:

On how relevant his NSA monologue from Good Will Hunting is today:

On Education:

On ice cream cones:

On the one role he didn’t land:

And on how often he’s confused with Mark Wahlberg:

Source: Reddit. Banner via Getty Image