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When you get a chance to ask Will Ferrell to name your band, you take that chance. That’s exactly what one Johnny-Come-I-Need-A-Band-Name did during the Anchorman star’s Reddit Ask Me Anything session earlier today. Ferrell, who held the AMA to raise awareness for the non-profit Cancer For College, also discussed Step Brothers 2, SNL, Top Industry Butts Magazine, cat shirts, and what is love?

Oh Will, don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me no more.

Step Brothers 2, will it happen?

Will it happen? Or won’t it happen?

Were the testicles you rubbed on the drum kit in step-brothers based on your real ones?

Those were not based on my testicles. However, Oscar winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis allowed his balls to be examined for the prosthetic balls to be made.

Side note: Those are, no joke, $10,000 worth of prosthetic balls that you see in that movie.

It has been acknowledged many times that myself and Chad Smith, drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, share a resemblance to each other. A lot of people think that it’s me playing for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But that would be an insult to Chad Smith. The truth of the matter is there is no Will Ferrell. Only Chad Smith.

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Is there any movie role, outside of comedy, that you wish you could have landed?

Yes. It was down to me or Tobey Maguire for Spider-Man and they harshly told me I was too fat for the suit. That having been said, every time I watch Spider-Man I still think I was the better actor for the role.

Given the fact that Jennifer Lawrence’s voice sounds a lot like yours when slowed down, can you take over the Hunger Games franchise? That, and maybe all her future roles?

I approached the producers of The Hunger Games franchise and asked them exactly about this. They said, “That’s a ridiculous proposal for you to think you could take over her role Katniss Everdeen. However, we are thinking about using you to re-voice her for future Hunger Games movies and you will definitely get to star in our Hunger Games McDonald’s campaign.”


Favorite sandwich please.

Underwood deviled ham in a pita pocket.

Who has the best butt in the industry?

Well, according to Top Industry Butts Magazine we all know Bill Gates has held the top spot for 3 years running.

Hey Will, is there any way we could get more cowbell?

Yes there is! If you donate $400 to Cancer for College at you will get a signed cow bell…Signed by me, Will Ferrell.

What the fuck were you doing to Jimmy Fallon in those hot tub sketches?

I believe I was trying to touch him somewhere in the area.

I love SNL, and was just wondering, what was your favorite skit that you were a part of? Also who was your favorite cast member to work with?

I will say that off the top of my head, the two favorite sketches that I was a part of had to have been the Harry Caray space show with Jeff Goldblum and, of course the cowbell sketch with Christopher Walken. My favorite cast member to work with was Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Are you a wizard?

No, unfortunately I’m not. I have attempted to be a wizard on several occasions. I studied for about a year and a half at Ansontolliver’s Wizard School…it wasn’t a full year and a half. At the conclusion of which, Anson pulled me aside and said, “I don’t want you to waste any more of your money with me. I think it’s best for me to let you know you don’t have what it takes to be a wizard.” And for however sad I was on that day, I respect Anson so much for giving me the straight talk.

What life advice do you have for us redditors?

Absolutely nothing, you guys seem to be doing great and seem to have a real good handle on things.

Cheez-its or Cheese Nips? Please. We need to know.

How dare you. Cheese Nips are racist.

edit: Sorry for my reaction. Cheese Nips was my stripper name and it brings back bad memories.

Can you give us a hint as to a project you may be working on right now??

I can give you more than a hint. I can just flat out tell you. I will be starting a movie in March with Kevin Hart in which he helps me get ready to go to prison.

So how cool/weird is it that you’re now a Lego minifigure?

It is fantastic to have my own Lego of President Business/Lord Business. Now my children actually will talk to me. Prior to this moment, they really wanted nothing to do with me. And that’s not a joke.

Who did come up with that hypnotizing headshake in A Night at the Roxbury?

I don’t know exactly. I think it was Chris Kattan and myself just acting stupid in my apartment when we wrote that sketch for the Groundlings show that we were in at the time. It’s also what happens when the beat of any Haddaway song hits your ear.

Will Ferrell, what is love?

Love is a complicated thing to figure out. I don’t know if anyone ever will. I know this much: I love lamp.

Was Derek zoolander’s magnum look as beautiful in real life as it was on the big screen?

Unfortunately it was a closed set. At that point in time, the look was considered too powerful to be around so only essential crew and safety people were allowed on set. So…I could only imagine what it was like in person.

Dear Mr Ferrell, my younger brother just wants your opinion on his kitten shirt.

Let me start by saying the kitten shirt is great. But more importantly, that’s how you’re supposed to pose in a kitten shirt. Your brother nailed it.

I love you. This is sure to get buried since your AMA escalated so quickly, but I need a name for my rock’n’roll band so here goes: Please name my band, whatever you decide, it will mean stardom and fame in the very near future. Plus when people comment, I’ll be able to say: “Yeah, Will Ferrell came up with that. For me. Personally.”

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I have always had a name for a band in my head that I’ve never been able to give to anyone. So I will give it to your band. The name of your band is…Jag Kor Bil. The first word is pronounced “ya” (the g is silent), the next word is pronounced “shore” and the final word is pronounced like it’s spelled. And it means, “I drive car.”

How often do people come up to you with Ron Burgundy quotes, or any other movie quotes?

Zero times. It has never happened. Sadly I’m still waiting for it to happen.

What was the craziest hollywood party you’ve ever been to?

Craziest Hollywood party was probably at the house of Dave Coulier right at the height of the Full House madness. This would’ve been ’92. I was 2 years out of college.

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