‘Blind Side’ Actor Quinton Aaron Becomes Latest Victim Of Too Fat To Fly

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04.09.14 34 Comments

Part of me feels bad reporting stories of embarrassment like this, but on the other hand, I’m not a good person, and I will take every chance I get to type the phrase “too fat to fly.” Following in the footsteps of Kevin Smith, Blind Side star Quinton Aaron, who’s 6’8″ and 500 pounds (actually bigger than Michael Oher, who he portrayed) was recently asked to leave a US Airways flight from Philadelphia to Rochester.

[Aaron says he] typically buys 2 seats when he flies but only one was available.

Quinton boarded the U.S. Airways jet in Philly for a 1 hour flight to Rochester, but never even got to hear the safety message. He says the passenger who was booked in the coach seat next to him was blindsided and could not wedge himself onto the cushion because of Q.A.’s girth.

Quinton adds, “I definitely need two seats … It worked out for the better … my knees weren’t pushed into the back of the metal on someone else’s seat.” [TMZ]

I feel bad for the guy. I know he’s 500 pounds, but at 6’8,” he could be a vegan trapeze artist and he’d still be way too big for the average airplane seat. Having recently flown from SFO to Atlanta on Delta, I was excited to have onboard wifi, only to quickly realize my seat wasn’t wide enough to type. And I’m only about 195 pounds. Also, Philly to Rochester? No way he was the fattest person on that flight.

The most TMZ line of TMZ’s story? “Quinton Aaron was booted from a flight Friday for excess baggage — his stomach.”

I like to think the TMZ office has a big bell they ring when they come up with a sweet burn like that, and everyone shrieks like a chimp when it rings.

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