C-Tates Sang ‘Just A Friend’ Onstage With Biz Markie At Comic-Con

Our best pal Channing Tatum was recently onstage at Comic-Con promoting the upcoming animated film ‘The Book of Life,’ for which he provides voice work along with Ron Perlman and Christina Applegate, when the moderator asked about the film’s use of music. This turned out to be a segue for a surprise appearance by Biz Markie, who I like to think of as the black Ron Perlman. Biz showed up singing a truly spirited version of “Just A Friend,” so have fun having that stuck in your head for the rest of the day, f*ckers.

True to his always-good-natured nature, C-Tates got into it, and popped on the mic for a second, and he was so happy that no one even pointed out that he got the lyrics wrong. This despite “Just A Friend” having one of the most oft-repeated choruses in all of music and C-Tates no doubt having shook his dong to it many times back in his male-stripping days. As always, a good attitude trumps all.

Biz Markie is 50 now, by the way, according to Wikipedia, which I believe is roughly 107 in rap years.