Cameron Diaz Wears A See-Through Shirt And Does Sex In 'Sex Tape'

Does the Cameron Diaz comedic victory lap ever end?? Not today it doesn’t, that’s for sure. Here, our country’s premiere comedic actress stars alongside Jason Segel in the red-band trailer for Sex Tape, written by Kate Angelo of The Back-Up Plan and directed by Jake Kasdan, of Bad Teacher and the criminally underrated Walk Hard. Diaz and Segel play a married couple who try to spice up their love life by making a sex tape. Only (*slide whistle*), wouldn’t you know it, they accidentally upload it to “the cloud.” So basically, This is 40 meets Road Trip.

I’ve never made a sex tape myself, but that’s probably because my idea of talking dirty is not apologizing after I cum.

I enjoy that they needed a plausible reason that all their friends would be able to download the same sex tape from the cloud. And their first thought was “What if they gave out iPads to all their friends as gifts, so they were all logged into the same cloud account?”

I know I’m not exactly Summering with the Kennedies, but I know a few rich people and I’ve never met a single family rich enough that they were passing out iPads like hors d’ouvres at a party. Especially not ones that were sleeping in a twin bed. They got their mailman an iPad? I bet Warren Buffet didn’t even buy his mailman an iPad.

In any case, Cameron Diaz looks pretty good in her see-through shirt, which you can see on the next page (NSFW, obviously). It’s pretty cool because you can see her nipples, and nipples are the best part of the boob.